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Discordtip is a bot that allows you to send cryptocurrency tips to any Discord user.

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Free to use

There are no fees to use Discordtip other than a small network transaction fee on withdrawal required by every cryptocurrency, and a deposit fee for ERC20 tokens.

You are free to donate though! Just tip the bot to do so 😊.

Easy to use

$tip @unko $1 – that's how simple sending crypto is. You can even send tips and payments like 3 mBTC, one cup of coffee and a donut, half a pizza or 2 months of discord nitro — Discordtip will understand and convert your tip! See $monikers for a list of the values supported.

Use the $help to see how to send tips.

Multi-cryptocurrency support

The list of cryptocurrencies our bot supports is constantly growing! Want to see your favorite crypto added to the bot? Let us know on the support server!

Currently we support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Dogecoin and many others.

Build community with tips

Tips can be used to send payments to other users, keep your users active and even play games! Use keywords like $tip active or $tip @Developers to reward other users! Discordtip serves not only as a tool for sending tips, but also already powers a few trading servers.

And check out the top command to see your server's top tippers 😉.

Fast & automated deposits and withdrawals

Discordtip's deposits and withdrawals are automated and as instant as typing $deposit or $withdraw is. You can even accept payments to your deposit address from other sources and use Discordtip as your cryptocurrency wallet!

Track your investments

Discordtip provides a couple of commands that help you track your investments.

  • $ticker, to see a cryptocurrency's market cap, price and price changes
  • $mining, for general mining information like hashrate or difficulty
  • $pools, for a list of cryptocurrency's top mining pools

Get Discordtip on your server


Add the bot to your server using the button below. Make sure not to disable any permissions, otherwise some of the bot's features might not work.

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Set up

Although the bot requires no configuration, it provides a couple of settings. Using the $config command you can alter the command prefix, default server currency and other options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I received a tip, what can I do with it?
Congratulations, you received cryptocurrency! Cryptocurrency can be sent further, exchanged to real money, or to goods or services. See websites like LocalBitcoins.com or Coinbase. Please keep in mind that if you received a dollar or another fiat tip, its value is bound to the cryptocurrency you received it in, meaning if the cryptocurrency exchange rates go down, the dollar value of your tip will too.
What if the exchange rate of a cryptocurrency goes up or down?
Your balance is in cryptocurrency – the dollar conversions shown are only a reference. If a cryptocurrency goes up, so will the dollar conversion.
Can I exchange one cryptocurrency to another?
One way to exchange crypto would be to find a user on Discord willing to trade with you. We also recommend quick exchange services like Shapeshift or Changelly, which support most of the cryptocurrencies Discordtip does. If there's enough interest we might implement exchanging features into our bot! Let us know what you think!
Can I use my balance on a different server?
Balances are cross-server – you can access your coins on any server and also by directly messaging the bot. Keep in mind a different server might use a different default currency and might have other ones disabled.
What happens if my Discord account gets deleted?
We provide a couple of ways to recover balance from a completely disabled Discord account. Each case is examined individually by our support team. Server bans do not interfere with your balance, which still can be accessed by directly messaging the bot.
Are my funds safe?
Your balance's security is as safe as your Discord account is. Use features like two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. In regards to Discordtip's security – we hold up to industry standards. Your wallet is powered by our tested and proven technology.

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